The LIFEfield TechniqueTM
                 A Foundational Tool for Conscious Living


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    The LIFEfield Technique

       A Foundational Tool for Conscious Living


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If YOUR life's baggage is growing out of control~ HIT THE RESET BUTTON and start fresh with the LIFEfield TechniqueTM! 

Who is the Lifefield Clearing for?

Everyone!!!  All people of all ages, race, culture, background or belief can benefit from having their life fields cleared.  YOU could benefit!  We are in the midst of an evolutionary shift in human consciousness where clarity of thought and perception will determine what you experience.  Don't be left behind!

What Does It Do?

The LIFEfield TechniqueTM is a comprehensive process for the clearing of low frequency energetic charges in your bio-energy field, or aura.  These charges are connected to limiting emotions and patterns blocking you from effective change.  Imagine this clearing in your life fields being similar to hitting the reset button on your computer.  All the viruses, Trojans, obsolete programs, random downloads, cookies and temporary files are instantly cleared and the computer is returned to its original factory settings.  Like a reset, the LIFEfield Technique re-balances you; resetting your bio-energy field to your original being.  All memories and experiences remain fully intact, only the emotional charges surrounding them have been calmed and diffused.  Now instead of reacting to life in a repeat of patterns and programming from the past; the shift from auto-pilot to conscious pilot empowers you to transform your life with more awareness and less effort.

A Session

A LIFEfield clearing is completed in one single session and is considered a foundational and complimentary tool to lift your consciousness, increasing the effectiveness of other healing therapies and spiritual practices.  A clearing is done most often by remote session, privately in person or through attending one of our full day workshops.  When your LIFEfields are neutral of active emotional charges, you become more capable of staying present, learning, integrating and applying new information, creating successful, positive changes in your life.  A cleared bio-energetic field attracts new possibilities and outcomes!  Your one to one and a half hour session is $400 usd.

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"The above are copyright excerpts from the "Treasures of Heartwisdom" by Teressa

Gift Certificates are now available all year!  If you are looking for a unique gift that will last a lifetime.  Go ahead!  Reset a LIFE and reclaim a DREAM!  

  LIFEfield Technique Private or Remote Session  $400

LIFEfield Practitioner Training

If you are committed to creating a clearer, brighter dream for humanity.  If you are currently in (or wish to be in) the human support field, a therapist, energy practitioner, intuitive or are feeling drawn to make a difference in the world.  If you have had your own life fields cleared and feel a commitment to become a LIFEfield Practitioner, we will begin accepting new practitioners for our training programs in 2020. Come join our unique group and make a BIG difference in the world!

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