The LIFEfield TechniqueTM
                 A Foundational Tool for Conscious Living


After The Clearing
Now it's time to rediscover yourself and begin creating a conscious life fully designed by you.

After your clearing, you have a "clean house" and it now becomes your personal and conscious choice of how to redecorate the house of you.  Nearly everyone reports feeling brighter, lighter and more peaceful.  This is a one time clearing of the accumulation of emotional charges in your fields and once those fields are clear, you will learn and take responsibility to maintain your transformation with conscious choices.  Though you are fully clear, there is about a six month integration period where your system resets itself to the renewed frequency.  It is important to stay conscious of your thoughts, choices and actions because your system is crystal clear and you will become increasingly powerful in your ability to manifest.  Your thoughts and actions have a magnified effect and you really do hold the keys to your own life and the creation of everything in it.  Thoughts and intentions generate energetic fields that will have either a positive or a negative effect on your life, so pay close attention.

During the six month integration phase you may notice events that trigger an invitation for you to react in an old way; this is cellular memory passing through your system as they clear from your physical body.  They are simply saying a final farewell and giving you the opportunity to gain insight as you find yourself responding to those situations in very new ways.  Many previous emotional triggers or trauma related charges simply fall away and your blueprint becomes your new vision.  If you would benefit from addressing an old issue to achieve new personal growth, your life may very well present you with the opportunity to make newly conscious and responsible choices.

This is a unique time of deep inner reflection and re-evaluation, you may have the feeling that something amazing has happened and that life has taken on a distinctly new flavor.  I always suggest clients begin journaling their insights and experiences, because as you shift into your new self you may forget some of the changes and shifts you've made over time.

Remember that you are the only one who is 100% invested in the outcome of your life and the levels of joy and limitless expression your original blueprint has provided you the opportunity to experience.  Mark your calendar six months ahead and make a note to yourself of all the transformations and renewed levels of awareness that have taken place during this time period.

From this moment forward, consider that every thought (not just the good ones you like) has the power of absolute prayer; if you would not drop to your knees and pray for that thought in your mind to manifest into existence...change the thought.  You ARE the creator of your world.  Every thought, every action is always a choice.  It's that simple.  I never said it was easy.


Positive & Negative Energy Effects Water Crystals; we are primarily water!


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