The LIFEfield TechniqueTM
                 A Foundational Tool for Conscious Living


TLC Business Coaching
As a manager, are you aware that statistics show as many as 85% of your employees may be dissatisfied with their lives and the work they're doing?  When you review your own life and work performance, are you living and working in your life happily?  Not only do we affect ourselves through our perception of the quality of our lives, we affect those we manage and those we love as well.

We've discovered that through LIFEfield clearings and coaching support of management with transformative tools, your company can exponentially increase the quality of work and production from employees.  When these tools are offered to employees, the benefits include a reduction in those employees that are no longer serving the growth of the company, an increase in the satisfaction and happiness of those who truly choose to stay employed and an increase of creative solutions up and down the spectrum.

We are living in transformative times in the global marketplace!  If you are interested in learning more about how to shift into a newly productive bottom line, please contact us for an individualized presentation uniquely designed to fit your company's needs.

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