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Chakra's & Aura Fields

Our Aura fields, as they are called in the Eastern cultures, or the bio-energetic field as we call it, is built of a number of layers.  These fields of energy are composed of life or universal energy surrounding the physical body.  These layers of energy support the function of the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and unified well-being of the individual person.  The energy in the aura fields are not lifeless or inert ~ they are active and intelligent. 

These energy fields act as a bridge or connection between the realms of pure spirit and that of the manifest world.  You might consider the function of these bio-energetic fields as something very much like a personal data storage unit of every thought and experience you have ever had throughout your existence.  The different layers serve different functions and it would take lifetimes to fully discover the scope of support and potential for integration they offer.

Etheric Body 
~  The etheric body extends out about 2 - 4 inches from the physical body.  The etheric body is the template of the physical body.

Emotional Body ~  The emotional body extends out beyond the etheric by another 4 - 6 inches.  The emotional body is of course where we primarily store our emotions from this lifetime and are often reflected back to us in the physical world in order to heal ourselves.

Mental Body
~  The mental body extends out another 4 - 6 inches from the emotional body.  The mental body primarily holds our thought processes; again reflecting back into our lives those processes which are determining the unfolding of our choices, consciously or unconsciously.

Spiritual Body ~  The spiritual body is often referred to as the astral or causal body and extends out another 4 - 6 inches from the mental body.  The spiritual body is the connecting layer between the physical or lower fields (including the physical body) and the higher or spiritual fields.  This is also the field where we flow love.

Etheric Template Body
~  The etheric template body extends out another 2 - 4 inches from the spiritual body and is the mirror double of the etheric body.  The etheric template body holds the negative space of the etheric body and is where we align with Divine Will.

Celestial Light Body
~  The celestial light body is somewhat similar to the spiritual body in that it is a field of love, however at this level it is a unified field of love and compassion and extends out to all of humanity.  When this field fully integrates, all fear releases as we come to the understanding that Love is all there is.

Ketheric Template
~  The ketheric template is most often seen as a fine weaving of golden light and contains the web of our reality and creativeness.  The ketheric template is where we are connected to the Divineness of All that exists and where we receive the deeper understanding of our path or journey.


There are seven major chakra's that are recognized by most people worldwide, though there are newly awakened chakra's in the human system as well as hundreds and hundreds of minor chakras throughout the body. 

These major chakra's often appear as large disc-shaped rotations of energy connected front and back to the spinal column.  The back side of the chakra system receives energies, while the front side of the chakra system most often sends or generates energies.  We are constantly receiving, sending and assimilating the energies around us. 

Base Chakra ~  The primary color of the base chakra is RED and it is here that we regulate life force energies, connect with our physical identity and primal instincts for survival.  This chakra can affect the spine, bones, legs, rectum and immune system.  This is considered the First Chakra.

Sacral Chakra
~ The primary color of the sacral chakra is ORANGE and it is here that we discover partnerships, creativity, sensuality and sexuality.  This chakra can affect the bladder, pelvis and reproductive systems.  This is considered the Second Chakra.

Solar Plexus Chakra
~  The primary color of the solar plexus chakra is YELLOW and it is here that we discover our personal power, our identity and our rational thought processes, psychic perception, personal will and the conscious mind.  This chakra can affect the stomach, liver, spleen, gall bladder, digestion, the back, abdomen and kidneys.  This is considered the Third Chakra.

Heart Chakra
~  The primary color of the heart chakra is GREEN and it is here that we discover emotional power, compassion and universal love; feeling ourselves in union with the All.  This is the chakra that integrates the lower energies with the higher energies, spirit and matter.  This chakra can affect the heart, blood, circulation, lungs, ribs, shoulders and arms.  This is considered the Fourth Chakra.

Throat Chakra
~  The primary color of the throat chakra is BLUE and it is here that we discover the expression of our truth, communication, creation and psychic speech.  This chakra can affect the voice, throat, jaws, neck, lungs and bronchials.  This is considered the Fifth Chakra.

Third Eye Chakra
~  The primary color of the third eye chakra is INDIGO and it is here that we discover telepathy, clairvoyance, psychic visioning and where our belief systems have originated.  This chakra can affect the pineal gland, lower brain, left eye, ears, face, nose, sinus and nervous system.  This is considered the Sixth Chakra.

Crown Chakra ~  The primary color of the crown chakra is VIOLET and it is here that we discover the spiritual connection beyond ourselves to our Creator.  This chakra can affect the upper brain, cerebellum, right eye, skull, muscular and skeletal systems and the skin.  This is considered the Seventh Chakra.

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