The LIFEfield TechniqueTM
                 A Foundational Tool for Conscious Living


You might wonder what consciousness has to do with having clear life fields.  Consciousness has a lot to do with the levels of light one might have access to in their fields at any given moment; any blocks, unbalanced emotional charges or negative energies will keep your light low.  Unbalanced emotional charges reduce your light frequency.  Consciousness is light, and light is a frequency, AND light has the ability to affect the structure of our DNA.  At lower levels of consciousness, negative thoughts and emotions help attract conflict and struggle, as well as create the possibility for illness to take root.  With lower levels of light, or consciousness, you might experience increased judgment, low energy and a feeling of separation.  A lack of consciousness or lower light frequency could lead to self-centered thinking, keeping you caught in constant argument or judgment over one thing or another; making you feel stuck and exhausted.

At higher levels of consciousness and when we have greater access to the Light within our fields, our sense of the world naturally expands on an exponential level.  We are less concerned with our individual ego self and are able to focus on others in our lives and on the world around us.  We are healthier and have a stronger sense of well-being because we are operating at a higher frequency, we are lighter.  We become absorbed in our work and have higher levels of energy and inspiration.  Our relationships are happier and more joyful as we easily connect with others on a deeper level.  Our ability to appreciate and embrace a sense of gratitude increases and our entire outlook becomes more inclusive.  This is the beginning of unity consciousness.

When we move from the influence of charged and engrained thinking patterns or habitual thought to the transforming levels of higher conscious awareness we begin to find our natural freedom.   Your higher frequency becomes a tuning fork and the world around you automatically responds with harmony.  You are literally 'lighter' and your immune system is strengthened and enhanced.

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