The LIFEfield TechniqueTM
                 A Foundational Tool for Conscious Living


Is LIFEfield for Me?
All people of all ages, race, culture, background or belief can benefit from having their life fields cleared.  Serious, long held traumas are released.  Adults and children alike benefit from clearing active emotional charges. As a child, can you imagine what it might have been like to be given the chance to embrace life without the charges accumulated from bullying, perfectionism and expectations layered on them by their friends, the community and even by their parents. 

Imagine a clearing of all the unbalanced emotional charges in your life fields being similar to hitting the reset button on your computer.  All the viruses and obsolete programs, random downloads, cookies and temporary files are instantly cleared and the computer is returned to its original pristine settings.  During a clearing, something quite similar happens.  You are rebalanced; reset to your original being.  All memories and experiences remain fully intact with the difference being the emotional charges surrounding them have been diffused.  You are reset to feel what is truly real versus what is simply a repeat of the past, giving yourself an opportunity to experience your original authentic self.

These are only some of the areas of possibility you might recognize, where a LIFEField Clearing might help.

I'm Feeling Stuck in My Personal or Professional Life
You might have explored various traditional and holistic therapies with little or no success.  One possibility for your lack of success may have been the charges blocking your ability to integrate new information.  Without releasing these old imprints you may be condemned to repeat the past.  Once cleared, your ability to shift becomes increasingly effortless. 

Who Am I and What is My Purpose?

We all have a special purpose and when we have the experience of living joyfully, then we are often heading in the right direction.  For most people, joy becomes a challenge to maintain and the only way to find it is to keep yourself in the present moment.  An absence of joy is often indicates you are either living in the past through active emotional charges that are keeping you unbalanced and stuck, or you are living in the future out of worry and fear.  Both of these reasons stem from a life field that is cluttered with charges and therefore out of balance, keeping you from remaining in the present moment of experience.  When you are out of the present, you miss out on recognizing and experiencing your actual life and the joy of living it.

Pregnancy and Parenting
If you are considering becoming a parent or are already pregnant, imagine the gift of giving yourself a clear field and experiencing the increased light and energy that comes with it.  Imagine that gift extending to your unborn child and your family.  It may be one of the most precious gifts you will ever receive; to fully enjoy this special time, strengthening the love between you and your child.  With a clear life field, you have the opportunity to welcome a new born soul into this world free of false limitations, providing a home and childhood absent of the remnants of negative conditioning from your own early life.

Unfortunate Life Circumstances
We all have our stories.  If you are feeling depleted or unable to truly move beyond a traumatic event such as 911, wartime deployment, death of a spouse, friend or child, suffering from a broken heart or post traumatic stress syndrome; these are just some of the examples of unbalanced charges in your life fields that the LIFEfield Clearing can help balance.  When you are free from the charges of life events, true healing and higher wisdom can integrate into your life easier, allowing for your suffering to be released.

Reactive States and Addictions
Have you been living from one stressed filled moment to the next?  Do you have more feelings of depression or anxiety and a greater feeling of general overwhelm than you care to admit?  Once your fields are clear, you can perceive life from a more balanced and neutral state.  Addictions such as smoking, eating disorders, drug and alcoholism, etc., are often intricately connected to early patterning.  This technique is helpful in releasing these patterns and may have a profound effect if you are struggling with issues of real commitment to positive self-growth.

Physical Conditions and Exhaustion
Most of us are aware of the mind, body and spirit connection.  All fields are connected and it's likely that when trauma charges are cleared and rebalanced, the physical and bio-energetic systems are able to use the additional life energies to repair and regenerate.  Negative thoughts, emotions and mental states can take up space within our physical body.  When we are free from those energies and reactive emotional states we feel the positive effects throughout our systems.

Are there any side effects?
Once your life fields are clear and balanced, the cells in your body begin to hold more light frequency and may begin releasing old toxins much like starting on a physical exercise or cleansing program.  You might feel very light one day and the next feel tired and achey because your physical body really is detoxifying. If you are affected at all, it generally passes within seven to ten days.  Giving yourself a little extra support by drinking lots of fresh, pure water and getting plenty of rest is helpful.  Listen to your inner voice as to what might benefit you personally.  Remember that good nutrition, supplementation and a good massage or energy work always feels nurturing.

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