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Joep Breek

Profile Background

International Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Transformational Life Coach, Universal White Time Practitioner, LIFEfield Technique Master Therapist

LIFEfield Technique™ ~ Co-Founder; Master Therapist

TLC™ Transformational Life Coaching ~ Coach

Universal White Time Healing ~ Practitioner Levels I - IV


After finishing his study of commercial economics and marketing, Joep worked as manager and CEO for several small and large national and international companies.  About ten years ago his renewed spiritual journey began when long repressed abilities and talents were reactivated and his interest in the metaphysical world grew. 

To develop himself further, he followed courses, workshops, lectures and training with Deepak Chopra, Jan de Bommerez, Circle Academy, Brandon Bays, Byron Katy and others, all related to working and healing with energy.  Studying through Teressa Fenison in the US, he rapidly completed all practitioner level trainings within the energy system of Universal White Time Healing. 

Subsequently, Joep followed studies in Metaphysics, becoming an ordained Minister and developing with his life partner, Teressa Fenison, the LIFEfield Technique and working with Transformational Life Coaching.



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