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LFT Module III Advanced
Acceptance into Advanced Training

As a LIFEfield Practitioner, you have successfully interned and certified with Modules I and II prior to applying for acceptance into LIFEfield's advanced training intensives.

Acceptance into advanced training is dependent on your past compliance with all internship requirements in previous modules.  You have demonstrated an elevated personal commitment to achieving and maintaining the high standards of consistent, repeatable results within the LIFEfield Technique, having shown the personal and professional skills to move forward.

In addition to on-site training here in Arizona, Advanced & Masters training is now being offered in  personal, individualized teleseminar format through Skype.  There is currently a surcharge for this private training.

See our Agenda for class dates.
Module III Advanced Practitioner

During this training intensive and internship you will learn and be supervised in the advanced LIFEfield clearing techniques. 

Must be certified in Module I & II LFTP.  This advanced module trains you to fully connect with and clear individuals at a distance, how to clear homes and land and how to clear animals.  You will also begin training with the advanced techniques of Health and Miasma clearing.  The practitioner is no longer limited by physical location.  See LFT Practitioner page for full course description.  This course is for those practitioners who have mastered basic practitioner levels and would like to expand their individual base of clientele into the national and international arena of service.  The work of distance, rapidly builds strength in the practitioner.

Module IV Master Practitioner

Must be certified through Module III Advanced.  This Master Level module trains you to fully connect with and clear groups in a workshop setting.  You learn the applied template of information and construct of a successful one day workshop and the steps to clear and check your work.  Learn to teach others how to maintain their clearing and teach personal accountability and response-ability. You will also learn how to clear small family groups by distance.  See LFT Practitioner page for full course description.

Module III
Three full days
Training Intensive & Internship

Tuition:  $2,250.00

Module IV
Three full days includes full day Workshop
Training Intensive & Internship

Tuition:  $950.00

Plus workshop fees: (minimum 6 persons @ $200 p/person, additional persons @ $100 each)

Registration and full payment is due 21 days prior to class unless otherwise agreed upon.  Payments may be made by check, debit or credit card through PayPal

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