The LIFEfield TechniqueTM
                 A Foundational Tool for Conscious Living


LFT Module I & II
Certified Practitioner Training
Modules I & II

In these two modules, you will be trained in the fundamental knowledge necessary for clearing life fields in a responsible and safe manner in preparation for your internship.  This training is designed to open your awareness to the knowledge of bio-energetic fields and how they interact and function within a healthy human being.

You will learn techniques to convert energy rapidly and effectively utilizing the knowledge and training of the LIFEfield TechniqueTM.  How to identify, test and re-check for negatively influencing energies and how to clear them effectively.  You'll learn how to identify and neutralize unbalanced emotional charges from traumas, old tapes, patterns and judgments blocking life force energies.  During training classes, there will be supervised practice between students as well as opportunities to work with volunteer clients.

Module I & Module II Trainings are both two and a half day intensives with an extensive guided internship; the period of intern time is dependent on the practitioner and how thoroughly they work.  Because of the nature of the internship, it may be necessary to see clients multiple times in cases where re-clearing is required.  All client work is submitted and reviewed until appropriate skill levels are reached. 

Module internship MUST be completed within a maximum three month period from end of class. 
If internship is not completed, intern will not be certified and must audit the next available course of that particular certification and begin resubmission of client reviews.  Once an intern has become clear and consistent with their results, they are certified and may move forward to the next course module.

See our
Agenda for class dates.

Acceptance into Practitioner Training

In order to attend a LIFEfield practitioner training, a student must apply and be accepted.  This training requires a true commitment to the work and a willingness to follow an internship.  We require all students to have had their own life fields cleared for a minimum of three months to allow for an integration and understanding of what the LIFEfield clearing encompasses.

We prefer that a student be currently certified in an energy healing modality or able to easily demonstrate their awareness and understanding of energetic work.  Practitioners should have minimally, an awareness of the chakra's and aura bodies.  If you have strong intuition, a healthy ability to feel and have a positive life-affirming attitude with a desire to be of service; we look forward to hearing from you.
Module I
Two and half days
Training Intensive & Internship

Tuition:  $1,695.00

Module II
Two and half days
Training Intensive & Internship

Tuition:  $1,440.00

Registration and full deposit is due 21 days prior to class.  Payments may be made by check, debit or credit card through PayPal

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