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Client Experiences
Many clients have written of their experiences after having their LIFEfields cleared and here is some of what they've had to say.  If you'd like to share your own story with us and others, we look forward to hearing from you.  Transformation is right inside of you; thank you for sharing!
"I was skeptical at first about a remote clearing.  I didn't understand how someone could make a difference without having me present.  After two weeks I can already feel the difference in how I see the world and in the way I feel.  Amazing.  I'm grateful for the work you're doing."
LM ~ Amsterdam

"I feel more focused and energized!  The road to my dreams are clearer than ever and everything seems to be falling into place with synchronicity!  I believe in myself."
GS ~ Boston, MA

"For years I received and practiced various forms of energy work, counseling and 12 step programs to help me find emotional stability and life skills.  Recently I turned 40 and was still having difficulty with relationships and reactions to life's daily challenges. When my fields were cleared I felt an immediate change.  I felt a clarity, lightness and energy in my body.  I felt like myself for the very first time.  I've been able to process difficult emotions and feelings quickly.  For the first time I feel I can let go of my past and create something new and positive.  This work has changed my life."
Kim F. ~ Cambridge, MA

"Over the past eighteen years, I have experienced and used many forms of energy work.  After having my fields cleared, all I can say is "Profound.  The most profound experience I ever had."  When relating my experience to others, I find myself saying "Imagine you were totally congested; your sinuses were full and you couldn't breathe...miserable.  Then, in a nano second, you were crystal clear.  That's how I feel."  I was so much lighter, I felt like I lost 100 pounds.  I thank Teressa for bringing this marvelous work through." In love and light.
AJ ~ Sedona, AZ

"During my clearing, I felt body sensations that included lightness, tingling and just an overall sense of well-being.  In the following months I've experienced an ease or flow with things in my life that had been more labor intensive in the past.  It feels like a sticky energy has been lifted from me that had been slowing me down and making life more difficult than it needed to be.  After six months I continue to find manifesting and creating circumstances I desire in my life far easier than I have in my last 40 plus years.  Feels like the ankle weights are off and I can run."

I definitely recommmend having your fields cleared and highly recommend Teressa and all of her students.  I believe she has discovered something very significant.  Namaste,
Mark S. ~ Colorado

"Since having my LIFEfield cleared, I've noticed an ongoing diffusion of negative emotions.  Most noticeably the 'cloud' surrounding the processing of a relationship I ended several years ago has lifted; it is as if whatever guilt or negative emotion that was still present has disappeared. As I am shifting, I feel an easing within my communications.  Communication and connections feel easier.  I feel a resolution of the 'cloud' that was a common thread within my relationships.
    As I scheduled my LIFEfield clearing, I was certain it would allow me to come to terms with my current relationship, bringing it to an end.  To my surprise, instead of ending it, I found myself more open, more committed to the development and deepening of our relationship.  I feel a shift in my lifelong patterns of entering and ending relationships.  I am less reactive and making new choices.
    I am beginning to look toward the next chapter in my experience with a sense of anticipation, no longer feeling reluctant to embrace a new life with new goals and new challenges.  I am open to examining the unlimited possibilities for passionate connections in my relationships, my career choices and my life.  As I allow things to fall away, those things that occupied my thoughts and energy, my mind has become free to contemplate new directions.  While passion has always been present somewhere in the back of my mind, it is now free to come to the forefront."

GL ~ Tucson, AZ
"My 16 year old daughter was feeling depressed and suicidal.  After discussing our options with her therapist, we decided to give the LIFEfield a try before taking other measures.  To our joy, her life turned around.  Something shifted inside her and she came out of her shell!  She is now involved in school, discovered new friends and is happy with herself.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"
CM ~ Phoenix, AZ

"Since my clearing, I've gone for a total career change!  Going into something I've wanted to do since I can remember...age 7 maybe.  I've been taking a lot of acting classes and now have a private acting coach and an agent here in Tucson!  I got a lead part in an Independent Film."
ED ~ Tucson, AZ

"The "clearing" itself felt very subtle to me most times and I could feel the presence of transformation.  At other times it was more intense as.  Overall there is a new sense of well-being.  One really important change I wanted to share was that the fatty tissue tumor I've had for several years and considering surgery for has reduced significantly in size.  Presently I'm concerned with where to put all my increased energy!  I am immensely appreciative of this clearing.  I feel so liberated!!!  I am so touched by what has happened and can feel the purity and depth of it.  I have received so much "insight" that I cannot even put it into words."
Much love and thanks,
IA ~ Tucson, AZ

"I feel refreshed, rejuvenated, more clear in my thinking.  I've put myself back on an exercise program...making exercise a part of my life.  It feels very good.  My eating habits have changed, cutting back on portions.  I have some scarring / eczema that are disappearing.  My response to people is now both directed and loving. I think that has been an asset, something has changed or grown.  The word that comes to mind is "clarity".
CP ~ Aliso Viejo, CA

"Since my LIFEfield clearing in April 2008, I have noticed an increased desire to be more discriminating in my choice of thoughts, words, behaviors and habits.  To support my positive growth, I use the transformational tools provided with my clearing everyday.
    While I still have bad moods (get angry or frustrated, etc.) I am much more able to snap out of them and return to balance.  I feel better about myself and was able to put closure on two unsupportive relationships. The biggest change I notice is that I feel friendlier with people at work and no longer perceive my co-workers as threatening to my equilibrium.  Others haven't changed, only my own perceptions.  I'm more outgoing in new situations.  I have less self-doubt and have relaxed as a perfectionist.
    Recently a friend of mine said that I seemed 'lighter'.  "More free" is how I would put it.  Thank you."
F.S. ~ Tucson, AZ

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