The LIFEfield TechniqueTM
                 A Foundational Tool for Conscious Living


LIFEfield TechniqueTM
The LIFEfield TechniqueTM clears you in many ways, with the most profound aspect being the clearing and balancing of the emotional charges being held inside and outside of your physical system.  Our focus is on those that have in any way blocked your ability to achieve and maintain a creative and balanced life.

When you become blocked, or full of misperceptions from life, your original blueprint or what we might call the understanding of your life purpose; begins to distort.  The charges held in each LIFEfield is as unique and individual as you are, though there are common threads for everyone.  Ultimately, it doesn't matter where these charges originated, though generally they are formed through constrictive/contracting experiences.  When this occurs, these experiences take form (crystallize) and develop into patterns, creating almost instantaneous, reactionary responses when confronted with similar circumstances or experiences.  Each time these reactions are triggered, the blockage, pattern or program and it's energetic charge is strengthened.  Life becomes a cycle of reaction and avoidance instead of conscious and responsive creation and living.

The LIFEfield Technique TM process is effective, clear and direct; there are no after effects and no repeat sessions required.  EVery step we've taken in the creation of the technique has been purposeful, with clear and specific intent.  The session clears the energetic and emotional charges of all negatively influencing programming held within your bio-energetic fields.  The LIFEfield TechniqueTM uses pure creational frequencies and the gently focused energies of the technique's morphogenic field, to transmute the reactive (charged or polarized) energies; for permanent clearing.  It then becomes your personal responsibility as an individual to understand your role and pay attention to your thoughts and actions, supporting yourself in living joyfully and freely as an actively conscious creator.

A clear life field opens you up to receive more life force energies, supporting and energizing your choices physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  You may then discover that open door you've been searching for...

Personal Note from Teressa:

 "Im very passionate about this technique; it changed my own life profoundly.  The final remnants of trauma and grief I'd unknowingly held over the loss of my eight year old daughter was finally and fully released.  My fourteen year old son was cleared with no understanding or expectations of transformation, and he, too, lost the sadness and fears he'd held for ten years.  These are only tiny threads and examples of the overall changes that affected our lives, and I have seen it continue to repeat in my clients time and again.

I know without doubt in my heart, that one of the primary reasons I've shown up at this time, on this Earth, is to participate in bringing hope and freedom to individuals; that all may begin living life with the freedom to follow their hearts and to discover their unique gift to the planet, themselves, and humanity.

If I could offer only one gift to another human being, it would be the gift of having their life fields cleared.  It would awaken more freedom in their life than they might ever imagine and it would be the cornerstone of every other step they would take.  Whether this step was one of physical or spiritual healing, personal manifestation, profound transformation or as simple as awakening consciousness and discovery of who they really are!"

With love and the wish that you come to recognize the Divine within yourself!

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