The LIFEfield TechniqueTM
                 A Foundational Tool for Conscious Living


Public Lectures and presentations are currently available in North America and Europe and may be customized to the interests of your group.  If you would like to schedule a lecture or workshop in your area, please contact us for details.
LIFEfield Lectures are typically an hour and a half general public presentation.  During the lecture we demonstrate the LIFEfield TechniqueTM by clearing negative energies from the participants.  We then provide a brief background on bio-energetic fields and the human energy system including chakra's and the aura.  In closing, we discuss the purpose and potential impact of having a full LIFEfield clearing and how it has affected others who have already been cleared.  There is the opportunity for a question and answer sesson at the end of the lecture.

Lecture fee: $10 - $20 per person dependent on the venue.

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