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Schedule your appointment with one of the Founders.  When Joep and Teressa perform a clearing, they typically combine their energies and clear group or individual sessions together, as they enjoy working in union.  Due to their travel and teaching schedules and their limited physical locations and those of our Certified Practitioners, the majority of LIFEfield sessions are done remotely; or by distance.  We continue to experience consistent, repeatable results whether the clearings are done in person or remote. 

If you would prefer to work with one of our Certified Practitioners, you will find contact information to connect with our practitioners personally by
clicking here.

Schedule My LIFEfield Session

Simply fill out and submit this form to schedule your LIFEfield Clearing session with one of the Founders; sending a separate email with a recent photo of yourself to .  Teressa or Joep will contact you by email or phone within 24 - 48 hours to schedule your appointment.  Once your session is scheduled, you may make payment through paypal at our online store.  Thank you for choosing to become another clear vessel on the planet!

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