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Teressa Fenison

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International Speaker, Author, Trainer, Workshop Facilitator, Regressionist, Transformational Life Coach, Advanced Healing Practitioner and Master Teacher; providing Spiritual Counseling as an Ordained Non-Denominational Minister and Founder of The LIFEfield Technique

LIFEfield TechniqueTM ~ Founder; Master Teacher & Therapist


® Method of Non-Hypnotic PLR ~ Trainer & Facilitator

CD Process ® Workshops for Manifestation ~ Trainer & Facilitator

TLCTM Transformational Life Coaching ~ Master Coach, Licensed Minister

Universal White Time Healing ~ US High Teacher & Practitioner/All Levels

Reiki ~ Master Teacher & Practitioner of Usui Shiki Ryoho, Karuna & Teramai

EmoTrance ~ Trainer & Practitioner

Author of The Heartwisdom TeachingsTM and the Heartwisdom CardsTM

Creator & Facilitator of the Magical Child © Self-Empowerment Course

Facilitator of Wild Women Retreats, Spiritual Renewal & Transformation


Books in progress:   Life Shift ~ Tools for Transformational Times 
                              Life Transitions ~ A Joyful Homecoming!
                              Magical Child
© "I'm Bigger than the Me I see!"
                              The Heartwisdom TeachingsTM series continuation

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Personal Note from Teressa:

" I'm very passionate about the LIFEfield Technique; I've used it with myself and continue to work with the transformational tools, adjusting and sharing them with others as the work grows.  The tremendous focus of this deep clearing, changed my own life profoundly.  The final remnants of trauma and grief I'd unknowingly held over the loss of my eight year old daughter who died from cancer complications, was finally and fully released. 

My fourteen year old son was cleared with no understanding or expectations of what LIFEfield was or what transformation he might expect, and he, too, lost the sadness and fears he'd held for ten years.   Teenage clients healed themselves from suicidal depressions and rape victims have healed their traumas and moved forward in freedom. 

When life fields are clear, it opens a flow of energy to begin deep self-healing.  Sometimes this is all that was ever needed, sometimes clients find that previously ineffective methods such as counseling. therapy and energetic modalities suddenly bring rapid improvement.  I believe this is because the burden of toxic emotional charges were neutralized and allowed the individuals to fully embrace life and help. These are only tiny threads and examples of the overall changes that affected our lives, and I have seen it continue to repeat in my clients time and again.

I know without doubt in my heart, that one of the primary reasons I've shown up at this time, on this Earth, is to participate in bringing hope and freedom to individuals; that everyone who chooses may begin living life with the freedom and energetic space to follow their hearts and discover their unique gift to the planet, themselves, and humanity.

If I could offer only one gift to another human being, it would be the gift of having their life fields cleared.  It clears the space to allow more freedom in their life than they could ever imagine and it would be the cornerstone of every other step they would take.  Whether this step was one of physical or spiritual healing and awakening, personal manifestation, profound transformation or as simple as rising consciousness so they might discover who they really are!"

With love and the wish that you recognize the Divine within yourself!

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