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Transformational Tools
Your Perceptions Create
Your Reality

Bruce Lipton, author of Biology of Perception discusses the multi-faceted ways human beings create their lives, their bodies and their worlds based on their perception (true or false) of their reality.

A LIFEfield Technique clearing neutralizes these unbalanced charges of false perceptions and programs installed over your lifetime.  Begin your life renewed and conscious of the personal impact of your thoughts and awareness of how your perception creates your life.

For more of Bruce Lipton's cutting edge information on Biology and humanity, go to our Resources page.

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These tools of transformation are generously shared with everyone who has received their LIFEfield clearing!   Scroll down for free meditation.

Your transformational tools include:

Identifying negative thoughts from negative emotions

    How to clear negative thoughts and transform negative emotions

      Understanding how negative thought creates form

      Maintaining yourself free from negative energies

      Identifying and assisting the inner self in

      Meditations you may use to connect with inner peace, awareness and higher consciousness

       Manifesting your life consciously

                    ...and more.

Did you know that in order to manifest in the physical world, you must be grounded? 

Being grounded, means being fully in your body and connected to your spiritual essence, the Earth you live on and your beautiful heart; all at the same time.  This is where you are when you are fully present in the moment.  This is where you are when the most amazing and beautiful things happen in your life.  This is where miracles manifest.  

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Grounding Meditation that will help keep you connected.


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